Balanced diet, active routine and positive mindset

Vibes Nepal / शुक्रबार, साउन २९, २०७८ मा प्रकाशित

Balanced diet, active routine and positive mindset

Healthy lifestyle requires balanced and digestible food, regular and active daily, positive and energetic mindset. Our ancestors have interpreted it as proper diet, proper behavior and proper thinking.

We need the same kind of basis for a healthy lifestyle. Most of us get sick from food. Disease enters our body through food and disease grows through food.

While food should be medicine for the body, not poison. Food should build a fat body. Bones and muscles need to be made strong and healthy. The functioning of the internal organs of the body should be made efficient. But, what we are eating now is creating poison in the body.

The need to cleanse the body is due to the fact that our body is becoming toxic. Toxin storage is increasing inside the body.

On the one hand food is making us sick, on the other hand lifestyle. We are greedy for a privileged life. Comfort, comfort is making our body worn out and sick. At the same time, stressful life is causing more pain. Stress, stress, competition, greed, jealousy are also causing disorders in our body.

So to be completely healthy, just paying attention to food is not enough. At the same time, it is important to have the right lifestyle and thinking.


Proper diet means proper catering. Choose the right food for the body. Proper nutrition means that the body needs essential nutrients, balanced and digestible. Food makes the body healthy and young, and food makes it a source of disease. Proper food is medicine. Improper eating is like poison.

Our ancestors have already decided what kind of food to eat. According to the environment, geography, local products are useful for our body. Also seasonal food is required.

A daily meal schedule has also been determined. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. It is best to eat three hours before going to bed.

In this way, with proper diet, the body stays healthy and young. Unnecessary disorders do not freeze inside the body.


Vihar means journey. It can be understood as a routine. Proper routine is our proper schedule of getting up, sitting, eating, playing, working, resting.

Nature has also decided when to get up, when to sleep, when to eat, when to rest. Life is happier if we follow the rhythm of nature.

Getting up in the morning before sunrise, doing yoga, meditation, exercise, eating at the right time, doing proper physical labor, resting at the right time. This kind of balanced, disciplined lifestyle keeps us happy. Keeps happy


Eating and discipline alone are not enough. Purifying the body is not enough. The mind must also be pure. The mind should be cheerful, calm and positive. For this, bad thoughts must be abandoned. Disorders like pride, jealousy, greed, lust, ego should be given up. When we remove these disorders, compassion, love, reverence, gratitude grows in the mind.

Positive thinking makes us mentally healthy. There is a deep connection between the mind and the body. So by purifying the mind along with the body, we can have a healthy life.

तपाईलाई यो खबर कस्तो लाग्यो