Manjushree Finance’s net profit increased by 115.81%, what is the potential dividend capacity?

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Manjushree Finance’s net profit increased by 115.81%, what is the potential dividend capacity?

Manjushree Finance Limited (MFIL) has published the financial statements for the last and fourth quarter of the Fiscal Year 2077/78. As per the details, the company has managed to earn a net profit of Rs. 56.81 crore till the fourth quarter. Net profit increased by 115.81% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Along with the increase in net profit, the company’s earnings per share also increased from Rs. 32.18 to Rs. 58.85.

Despite a 14.72% decline in interest income and a 28.61% decline in net interest income, the company’s net profit increased due to a significant increase in other operating income. Finance, which had earned Rs. 20.42 crore in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year, has earned Rs. 76.26 crore from other operating income till this quarter. Other operating income includes income from sale of securities, income from sale of assets, income from sale of precious metals and other financial income.

The paid up capital of Finance, which distributed 18% bonus to the shareholders in FY 2076/77, is Rs. 96.53 crore. Similarly, the accumulated profit of Finance is Rs. 48.56 crore and the total share capital is Rs. 1.73 billion including Rs. 28.21 crore in the reserve fund. Total share capital increased by 32.86% over the corresponding period of the previous year. With the increase in share capital, the book value per share has increased from Rs. 159.45 to Rs. 179.53.

Similarly, the bank has also made good progress in business. As of the last quarter of FY 2077/78, the Bank has collected Rs. 8.91 billion in deposits and disbursed Rs. 7.95 billion in loans, of which Rs. 6.2 billion has flowed to customers and the remaining Rs. And has flowed into financial institutions. . Deposit collection and credit flow increased by 52.38% and 15.69% respectively over the corresponding period of the previous year.

Similarly, Manjushree Finance Limited has distributed a total of 23.5% dividend with 18% bonus and 5.5% cash from the profits of the previous fiscal year 2076/77. B. Capable of distributing 50.3% dividend to the shareholders from the profits of 2077/78.

As per the directive of Nepal Rastra Bank, cash dividend can be distributed only up to 30% of the net distributable profit and the weighted average interest rate of the deposit maintained in mid-July 2078 should be less than the percentage. There is no such limit or restriction on bonus dividends.

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