Why is there a lot of confusion over 50 shares of Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd.?

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Why is there a lot of confusion over 50 shares of Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd.?

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Kathmandu: The social media is hot at this time after the share trading of Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd. went awry. Various groups, club houses and general investors related to the stock market are saying this could not happen and how did this unusual transaction happen? They are asking questions to each other. But so far no official information has been received from Nepse, Securities Board and broker companies.

Nepse says it needs to study what happened. A Nepse-related official said that a study will be carried out on whether there is a glitch in the system or someone has tampered with the system. Whatever happens, its investors have lost millions of rupees with a single click. Therefore, market operators and regulators should immediately conduct a serious investigation in this regard and make the facts public.

Investors are saying that if the reality of the incident is not made public immediately, the credibility of the general investor in the market will be lost. According to the rules of Nepse, the price of any company cannot be below 10% in a day. Even then, only 2% can be deducted in each transaction. That arrangement has been made in the system itself.

However, how the share price of Nepal Insurance fell by 11.75% compared to the previous transaction is a matter of great concern and has become subject of anxiety. The general investor is looking for the answer. At the close, the share price of Nepal Insurance differed by 11.75% from the last two transactions. That is, the price has come down in the last transaction.

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